Tubolight Diamana: One step ahead of the rest
Tubolight Diamana: One step ahead of the rest

Tubolight Diamana: One step ahead of the rest


The Italian brand Tubolight has come to market with a new, innovative Diamana tyre liner. It's no longer just about inserting a piece of moulded polyethene foam into the tyre. It will only protect the rim in a more brutal impact or allow you to make an emergency return home after a puncture. Science comes into play. At the beginning of the Tubolight Diamana liner, a study looked at the movement of air molecules inside the tyre as it deformed due to external forces. 

How does it work?

If we look in slow motion at the compression of the tyre at impact, we find that the whole process is so fast that the tyre returns to its original shape before the suspension even begins to compress. This results in erratic tire-to-substrate pressure, which equates to poor traction.

This can be mitigated by reducing the pressure in the casing. It's the reason why a lower-pressure tyre offers better traction. Thanks to its specific shaping, the new Tubolight Diamana rim insert solves this negative phenomenon. The controlled airflow through the liner reduces the tyre's rebound and helps maintain a constant pressure of the tyre on the substrate.

Why this shape?

The channels on the side of the liner are shaped to create the so-called Venturi effect. This is the same principle as in Formula 1 cars, where accelerated airflow under the vehicle increases downforce. This means that as the ducts get smaller, the speed of airflow through the ducts increases. This speeds up the airflow from the outer part of the liner to the inner part between the liner and the rim. The air is then trapped in the inner part, increasing the time it takes to return to the outer part. Thus, there is very little air in the compression area of the rim throughout the entire damping period.

Aerodynamics above all!

The dimples on the top of the liner are inspired by the dimples on golf balls and, together with the corrugated shape of the liner, help the air not to bounce back into the shell wall but to flow further into the side channels.

What about numbers?

9% lower rolling resistance on uneven surfaces. Even considering the wheels' higher weight due to the inserts, this saving always translates into faster climb times.

Up to 60% more tyre grip. This massive increase takes traction to a whole new level.

55% less vibration. Better damping, less fatigue, and a more confident ride.

Durability and simplicity

The Tubolight Diamana is made of high-density and hardness EVA foam to guarantee dimensional stability and, thanks to it, a constant airflow between the channels. This also leads to its extremely long durability. The life expectancy is several years.

Installation of the Tubolight Diamana casing liner is relatively easy. It does not absorb any tubeless sealants on the market and is 100% functional with all standard tubeless valves.

Diamana SL

The new standard for cross-country tyre liners ensures faster times in all situations. A softer compound that perfectly matches lightweight XC tyres.

Use: cross country

Weight: 97 grams, only 29"

Diamana HD

The most versatile size is a medium compound that offers increased protection and tyre support but maintains a lightweight.

Use: downcountry (rear), trail, enduro/dh (front)

Weight: 145 grams, only 29"

Diamana XHD

It is a new, extra high protection, complex compound explicitly designed for heavy dual-ply tyres.  

Use: enduro, downhill, e-bikes

Weight: 205 grams (27.5"), 220 grams (29")

Tubolight Diamana tyre inserts are sold in packs of two. Eight variations cover all the logical combinations you might need on your bike.

Rolling speed, traction, shock absorption and puncture protection have always been a compromise between the compound used, tyre strength and air inflation. But that's not the case with the Tubolight Diamana tyre insert. With the same tyre pressure, you get lower rolling resistance, more grip and a smoother ride, making your ride faster and safer. On climbs and descents. Welcome to a new era!

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