New Michelin tyres for 2024
New Michelin tyres for 2024

New Michelin tyres for 2024


Famous French tyre company Michelin is offering a couple of new tyres for 2024. You can choose new compounds in the Enduro and DH segments. There are totally new tyres for E-Bikes Enduro racing, and you can also find some news on Road bike offers. More about new tyres in the article.  

New MICHELIN ENDURO Racing Lines: Wilder than ever!

Building on the considerable experience it has acquired on the challenging tracks and trails visited by the UCI Mountain Bike Enduro, E-Enduro, and E-MTB Cross Country World Cups, and thanks to feedback from its riders, MICHELIN has upgraded its tyre ranges for these immensely popular disciplines. 

The range features a choice of two tread patterns designed for superior performance over the different types of terrain enduro riders encounter. The MICHELIN WILD ENDURO MS (Mixed Soft) excels on different types of soft ground, while the MICHELIN WILD ENDURO MH (Mixed Hard) is at its best on harder surfaces. Both options are available for the front and rear tyres alike. Meanwhile, MICHELIN has revised the tread pattern of its specific MICHELIN WILD ENDURO REAR Racing Line, which addresses riders looking for optimum efficiency. 

All the of tyres that make up the new MICHELIN WILD ENDURO Racing Line range are available with either Blue-and-Yellow or Dark sidewall markings, depending on the look preferred by the rider. Available in 29” and 27.5” diameters. 

The MICHELIN E-WILD Racing Line: MICHELIN's first bespoke tyre for EMTBs

Designed to perform on a wide variety of surfaces, the MICHELIN E-WILD Racing Line is packed with technology, including a specific dual-ply 55TPI casing that minimises movement for superior stability when cornering or landing after a jump, whatever the type of terrain. 

The tread is further reinforced by two woven nylon protective strips that reduce the risk of puncturing and pinching. The sidewalls are similarly strengthened by overall protection. 

The tread itself is designed for maximum grip, even in cold weather (3°C to 10°C), thanks to MICHELIN's latest Magi-X compound technology. 

The MICHELIN E-WILD REAR's pattern (width: 2.60 inches) features asymmetric tread blocks that transmit power more efficiently on steep, technical climbs. 

The profile of the MICHELIN E-WILD FRONT, which takes its inspiration from that of the MICHELIN WILD ENDURO MS, allows riders to maximise their potential thanks to its outstanding grip performance under braking and when leaning. The front tyre is available in 29x2.40 and 29x2.60; the rear tyre is available in 29x2.60 and 27.5x2.60 diameters. 

DH segment

Building on its success and experience alongside its partner teams in the UCI Downhill World Cup, Michelin has taken a fresh look at its range of specific tyres for proponents of the sport. To address the demands of this highly technical discipline where tyres play such an important role, the 2.0-generation MICHELIN DH Racing Line line-up provides riders with superior, more finely-targeted performance thanks to a choice of products: the MICHELIN DH16 and the MICHELIN DH22. 

The MICHELIN DH16's tread is conceived for hard/mixed ground. The specific design of its lateral blocks ensures additional grip and confidence under cornering. Its bespoke pattern is the most compact range, with more rubber in contact with the track, which means superior grip, a more even distribution of loads, and longer life. The MICHELIN DH16 is the fastest tyre in the DH Racing Line range.  

Compared with its predecessor, the MICHELIN DH22 has evolved extensively to provide indisputable mixed/soft ground performance. Its tread blocks have been lowered, and by minimising tread flexing, riders benefit from improved efficiency when re-accelerating and greater stability on harder ground. Lastly, the gradually rounded form of the MICHELIN DH22's shoulder blocks reduces rolling resistance and increases lateral grip for greater cornering comfort. 

MICHELIN extends Road tyre range with the new Lithion 4 and Power Protection TLR

Michelin has built on customer feedback of its popular, previous-generation Lithion ranges to develop the MICHELIN Lithion 4, which addresses the broad spectrum of demands expressed by these exacting cyclists. Thanks to the new technologies it packs and to the addition of new, wider sizes, the MICHELIN LITHION 4 covers an even wider range of activities while optimising riding efficiency.

The new MICHELIN POWER PROTECTION TLR's resilient, all-new construction combines a reinforced 120 TPI carcass with high-density protection across its entire width. In addition to improved resistance to puncturing, even when riding with low pressures, cyclists benefit from enhanced sidewall protection and more effective maintenance of tyre pressures. These qualities are particularly valued when riding in difficult conditions, heavily laden, on poor-quality roads, or in wet or wintry conditions.

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