The Troy Lee Designs 2024 helmet collection
The Troy Lee Designs 2024 helmet collection

The Troy Lee Designs 2024 helmet collection


There's probably no one in the mountain bike world who doesn't know Troy Lee Designs—the legendary American brand of helmets, clothing and pads for MTB, motocross and other disciplines. TLD are one of the market leaders who constantly push their products forward by innovating materials and technology to bring their users the best possible safety and comfort during their rides.

Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon

The flagship among TLD integral helmets. The D4 Carbon has become synonymous with the ultimate integral helmet for all cycling disciplines. With its arrival, there is also a new standard that all competitors are trying to approach. TLD has significantly modified and increased the durability and stiffness, but at the same time, has kept the weight of this helmet low. The D4 Carbon features an MIPS system, titanium D-rings, a system to protect the collarbones from breaking and easily removable cheek pads made from XT2 3D material and a washable Ionic layer. The D4 Carbon is available in 6 colour options.

Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite

Thanks to composite materials used in the aerospace industry, we could take an additional 100 grams of weight off our D4. It wasn't easy, but we did it without compromising the strength or stiffness of this great helmet. Of course, the D4 Composite also has all the technology used in the cheaper D4 Polyacrylite version. It weighs 1050 grams and is available in 7 colour options.

Troy Lee Designs D4 Polyacrylite

The most affordable version of the D4 integral downhill helmet is made of polyacrylate. However, using a different shell material doesn't mean it lacks stiffness or durability compared to more expensive options. Of course, the helmet includes the MIPS C2 system, which eliminates the effects of rotational forces on the brain during a crash. When developing this helmet, one of the critical parameters was ventilation. The helmet draws in air and channels it around the entire helmet to the back, where the warm air then leaves the helmet again. Of course, the X-Static and XT2 pads are made of antibacterial material. Available in 5 colour options. The helmet weighs 1150 grams.

Troy Lee Designs Stage

Since the Stage helmet entered the market, it has changed the definition of safety, style, ventilation and comfort. The Stage is the lightest integral helmet in its category. It combines MIPS, EPP (for low-speed impacts), and EPS (for high-speed impacts) protection systems hidden in a sleek helmet design that has set the standard for enduro helmets.

The fibreglass-reinforced Polylite shell and polyacrylate-reinforced chin guard add strength without adding unnecessary weight. 11 inlet and 14 outlet vents and large vents in the cheek area provide excellent ventilation during the ride. The pads are made of X-Static material, ideal for moisture wicking, quick drying, and odourless. The helmet has a Fidlock fastening system, so you can easily unfasten and fasten it with one hand! The Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet is available in 8 colour combinations.

Troy Lee Designs A3

They say it's so comfortable to wear, you won't want to take it off your head. The TLD A3 has defined a new standard among premium bike helmets because of the comfort, safety and ventilation innovations it provides. It doesn't matter if you're on a long climb up your favourite trail or tackling a challenging downhill. The "Ah Three" has earned a 5-star rating from the Virginia Tech helmet safety lab, so you can be confident it will hold you up wherever you go. The TLD A3 is available in 11 colour options.

Troy Lee Designs Flowline and Flowline SE

The lighter trail helmets Flowline and Flowline SE are exactly the helmets pro riders have been asking for from TLD. Both share MIPS, the same safety standard and the NTA 8776 E-Bike Certification bonus or 5 stars from the Virginia Tech Safety helmet lab. The SE version also features a Fidlock closure system, antibacterial quick-dry pads, or a combination of EPP and EPS foam. The Flowline and Flowline SE models are great choices for those who want to ride their local trails or around town on their e-bikes. Both the Flowline and Flowline SE are available in 9 colour combinations.

Troy Lee Designs Grail

The first helmet in the Troy Lee Designs lineup that doesn't have a label is called the Grail. It will fit perfectly into any cycling "box" you can imagine and make you feel safe on any bike. The Grail helmet includes a proven MIPS system, e-bike certification, or 14 precisely placed air vents. The Grail is a great value-for-money helmet with no compromise required, all in the honest style of Troy Lee Designs.

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