Peaty's Monarch - grips for the most demanding riders
Peaty's Monarch - grips for the most demanding riders

Peaty's Monarch - grips for the most demanding riders


The Monarch grip is a descendant of decades of experience of hanging on for dear life and an 18 month design development process.

Over those 18 months, we’ve surveyed over 1,000 people about their grip preferences and pet hates, tested countless grips, and even set up our own internal 3D printing and casting workshop to rapidly test and refine the finest details through hundreds of hours of testing—down to the very last 0.25mm—seriously!  

The result is a grip design with an offset and tapered core, tapered grip profile, soft 20A compound, slim 8mm clamp (for max grip area), unique zigzag pressure relief thumb pad, high grip finger bars (cut inwards, not outwards - this is important!), two texture options and two thickness options. Phew!

Key Features

  • Two texture options - mushroom (trail comfort) and knurl (race control). 
  • Two thickness options - thin (30-32mm) and thick (32-34mm). 
  • Soft 20a compound for the best grip level vs. durability trade-off. 
  • Tapered grip body & offset core increase impact dampening on top while improving pop and feel underneath. 
  • The Zigzag thumb pad provides maximum pressure relief for your thumb. 
  • High grip finger bars are cut inwards for maximum grip & feel to the bar. 
  • Tapered core, made from 80% recycled ocean plastic, taps onto your bar to prevent grip slip. 
  • The half-flange and pinky ramp give a reassuring reminder of where the edges of the bars are.  
  • 130mm grip area with a slim 8mm locking clamp and 3mm Allen key bolt. 
  • Grips are available in black, red, mango, turquoise and slate.
  • Interchangeable anodized aluminium lock rings available in 12x different colours (sold separately). 

“Trail Comfort” Mushroom Texture

The mushroom texture gets its title by looking like the classic fins on the underside of a mushroom. Used for decades on BMX grips for its ability to absorb impacts. Each fin of a mushroom texture is evenly spaced with a gap the same width as the fin. This is important so the fin can be compressed by the hand and flexed into the space next to it. The user of this grip could be anyone from a trail cruiser looking for Maximum comfort to big hitters looking to take the sting out of hideous rock gardens and flat landings.

“Race Control” Knurl Texture

This firm classic has been used as a grip texture on tool handles for over 100 years, and for a good reason - a knurl provides an excellent, consistent and aggressive grip. Each ‘knurl’ is a diamond shape, creating a sharp point. This sharp point provides the grip, yet its shallow profile provides a sturdy base, which creates very positive feedback and increased control compared to a mushroom texture. The grip user would more likely be a racer and prefer this texture for its increased aggressive feel and precision control.

Thin vs Thick

People come in all shapes and sizes—and so do their hands—so having a one-size-fits-all approach to grip diameter is almost as crazy as offering a one-size-fits-all glove. Our thin grip has a 30mm diameter on the inside and 32mm on the outside, and our thick grip has a 32mm diameter on the inside and 34mm outside. This makes the thick grip an ideal diameter for people with larger hands and adds an extra 2mm of impact-dampening rubber compared to the thin.

Tappered Diameter

A tapered grip means that its diameter increases from the inside to the outside of the grip. Our thin grip has a 30mm diameter on the inside and 32mm on the outside, and the thick grip has 32mm on the inside and 34mm outside. 

This taper helps to create a more natural gripping angle by supporting your palm and reducing pressure on long rides. The taper in the rubber also results in a thinner section of rubber on the inside of the grip (for more bar feel) and a thicker section of rubber on the outside of the grip (for more impact cushioning). This taper also works with the offset core to increase the thickness of rubber on the top surface further, increasing impact cushioning even further.

Comfort Thumb Pad

Your thumb is the only part of your hand that grips the rear side of the grip. This means every rock, drop, root or rail can result in a minor impact and rub between your thumb and grip, leading to hot spots and blisters on the inside of your thumb (particularly the metacarpal bone/knuckle). Our comfort thumb pad extends further out from the grip diameter to provide more support and cushioning to your thumb and help reduce the risk of blisters. Its shape has been finely tuned to find a sweet spot in size and location to cater optimally for small hands, shovel hands and riders who prefer to position their hands on the inside or outside of the grip while riding. 

Cornering forces naturally cause your thumb to shift left and right, which causes the straight fins of a mushroom texture to collapse side to side. This can not only create a distracting ‘clicking’ feeling under your thumb but also compromises the level of cushioning and blister protection - enter the zigzag! Like corrugation in a tin roof, adding corners to a mushroom fin creates additional support - the tighter the zigzag, the more solid the thumb pad becomes. Rest assured; we’ve agonised over the angles and measurements of our thumbpad texture to give you the best thumb support and cushioning possible. 

Tappered Core

Our core has also been offset vertically downwards within the grip's rubber, creating thicker rubber on the top of the grip than the bottom. This, combined with the tapered rubber body and finger bars cut into the underside, gives our grip maximum comfort on the top surface with maximum grip and feel on the underside!

20A Compound

Bike grips can come in many different rubber compounds but usually range from 30a to 15a—the higher the number, the harder the rubber. Monarch grips come in a 20a compound as standard, which strikes a balance right down the middle—soft and grippy for an awesome ride feel yet durable enough to last.

Half flange and pinky ramp

Our half flange is the perfect size to provide an internal bump stop for your hands and provide a cover for the hard-edged clamp bolt when thumb shifting. This is most useful for riders who tend to position their hands towards the inside grip while riding (innies). The small bump (or ‘pinky ramp’) on the end of the grip provides you with some subtle feedback and reassurance that your hands are at the edge of the bar while riding the rough stuff. In wet conditions, at the end of a long race run, this subtle bump could also be the difference between your hand staying planted on the grip in an unexpected impact and unintentionally blowing off the end of the bar! The pinky ramp is most useful for riders who tend to position their hands towards the outside of the grip while riding (outies). 

The pinky ramp also provides some additional comfort for those who hang their hands off the edges of the bar when climbing or some additional thickness and protection to the grip when dropped on the floor or scuffed down the side of a car.

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