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What are the cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the client's computer or mobile device when the website is visited or used. Cookies help websites remember the settings, options, and actions you have entered. This data is then used for personalisation, identification of user preferences, and, generally, easier website use.

From a privacy point of view, the gradual collection of cookies can, for example, help define user interests, target advertising, and statistically evaluate website traffic.

The information mentioned above can be obtained by means other than cookies, so cookies are not potentially dangerous data. Cookies cannot be used to identify visitors or misuse login data.


There are two types of cookies. Custom cookies are used for more efficient website functionality and a better user experience from the visitor's perspective. These are, for example, cookies to pre-populate form fields (e.g. saved logins) to identify displayed and unread comments. The category of custom cookies also includes those that provide voting control or preferred retention of the website view (classic VS mobile view).

The second type is third-party cookies. These services usually enable the website owner's advertising, statistical or other marketing needs to be met. These are, for example, cookies for applied external services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Sklik, etc. As third parties manage these cookies, the website owner cannot read and write this data.

Cookies we use

The following cookies are standard use on this site. However, other cookies may be set within the allowed groups of cookies.


They are necessary for the functionality of the website as a whole.


These are traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics.


To display relevant ads for you in systems such as Google Adwords or Seznam Sklik.

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Suppose you find the storage of cookies unacceptable. In that case, you can restrict and adjust the storage of cookies using the "cookie settings" in the section on changing cookie settings or block them entirely in your browser settings - see here for more information: