Fizik MTB Shoes - Collection overview
Fizik MTB Shoes - Collection overview

Fizik MTB Shoes - Collection overview


Last time, we presented you with the road cycling collection from the famous Italian brand Fizik. Now, it is time to show you what they offer cyclists who like to go into the woods and get dusty or muddy. Read more in the article.

Finding a shoe that fits your feet and needs is crucial. If you are a hobby cyclist, you do not probably need the top-tier shoe with carbon sole and stiffness index 10. You would prefer a comfier model with laces instead of straps or a BOA system. More about choosing the right shoe, we wrote in an article about road cycling shoes. The rules are still the same. Check the article if you are in between two shoes and are unsure which one is right for you.

Vento Ferox Carbon

The new face of fast, Ferox is a lightweight, breathable off-road racing shoe with a carbon outsole that is trail-blazingly fast on gravel roads, MTB trails, and CX courses. 


  • Durable and tear-resistant, woven mesh over a PU laminated upper 
  • Li2 BOA® Fit System 
  • X1 Carbon outsole – with rubber tread, stiffness index 10 
  • Weight: 297g 
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes) 

Vento Proxy

Vento Proxy is a fast, breathable, off-road racing shoe designed to save weight without sacrificing durability or comfort. It is for those looking for a competitive edge and to keep their cool far off the beaten track. 


  • PU Laminated mesh upper 
  • Li2 BOA® Dial Fit System 
  • X3 fibre composite outsole - with rubber thread, stiffness index 8 
  • Weight: 326 g 
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes) 

Terra Atlas

This is a true all-terrain, all-road cycling shoe designed with a more generous fit for endless comfort, from gravel tracks to MTB trails, all-day adventures to extended backpacking escapes, for riders who know no borders. 


  • L6 BOA® Fit System 
  • X5 nylon outsole – with rubber tread, stiffness index 5 
  • Weight: 355g 
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes) 

Terra Ergolace X2

An MTB trail riding shoe with an ergonomic lace-up closure for an anatomical fit and an X2 outsole combining a compressed EVA midsole for stability with Vibram XS Trek Evo for grip and traction. Ergolace X2 are also available in a FLAT version without mounting points for clipless pedal cleats.


  • X2 outsole – nylon shank, EVA midsole and Vibram tread, stiffness index 3 
  • Weight: 329 g (size 42- 1/2 pair) 
  • Ergolace: ergonomic lace-up closure for an anatomical fit 
  • Ripstop fabric: woven fabric resistant to tearing and ripping 

Terra Powerstrap X4

A gravel cycling shoe with our Powerstrap Velcro closure system for an enveloping fit and an X4 outsole providing targeted stiffness and rubber tread for mixed surfaces. 


  • X4 nylon outsole – with rubber tread, stiffness index 6 
  • Weight: 292g (size 42- 1/2 pair) 
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes 
  • Powerstrap: foot-wrapping Velcro closure designed for an enveloping fit

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