As of 20 May, Aspire Sports has become the exclusive distributor for Slovenian brake pad manufacturer SINTER in almost all regions where it operates. This article explains what brake pads SINTER offers and who SINTER is. 

Sinter offers brake pads for all commonly available disc brakes in several designs. Four different compounds suit different requirements, whether in terms of conditions or use, and service packs are available at discounted prices.

Sinter brake pads stand out for their performance and durability, and it's worth mentioning that they are made right here in Slovenia using local raw materials. Organic compounds, which are generally more environmentally friendly, are also made from local raw materials, guaranteeing eco-friendliness.

SINTER brake pads variants

Sinter offers four types of brake pads for different performance groups and applications.

RED – s514

The red plates with the s514 designation are the basic SINTER series. It offers a balanced balance between braking performance, durability and price.

  • for all bicycle types
  • organic compound

BLACK – s550

The semi-metallic compound of the pads combines long service life and excellent readable braking performance in all conditions, including mud and water.

  • Semi-metallic compound
  • Long service life
  • Excellent braking action dosage
  • For wet and muddy conditions

GREEN – s2032

This is an option for those who brake hard and at the last minute. It is ideal for racing on and off-road. The soft compound, which has an aggressive bit and high braking action, always offers quiet performance.

  • "race ready" soft compound
  • for those who brake hard and at the last minute
  • quiet operation

BLUE – s530

The blue compound provides extra durability and minimal fading. It is ideal for e-bikes and long, steep trails requiring frequent brakes.

  • extra long pad life
  • with minimal fading
  • ideal for e-bikes and long, steep trails

How to bed brake pads properly

A correctly functioning braking system is fundamental to a bicycle's safe operation. If you are not confident in your ability to install your brake pads, we recommend you seek the help of a trained professional, such as the bike mechanic at your local bike shop. Brakes are a safety-critical system, so great care should be taken when working on them.

Sinter organic disc brake pads are a significant upgrade to your brake system. For optimal performance, it is important that they are installed and bedded in correctly.

The bedding-in process prepares the brake disc and pads to work together to slow you down. The two components need to become more alike, so your pads have more to work with than just some laser-cut metal. When you bed in your pads, you move some pad material over to the disc so that when you brake, there is maximum contact of friction material. This then allows your system to work efficiently, giving you better results.

 Take some time to clean and degrease your brake disc. Effective braking relies on the surfaces of your pads and discs working in harmony. When you bed-in the new pads, material from the pad will be deposited on the disc, so having a clean disc for this material to adhere to is critical.

  1. Install your new pads according to the brake system manufacturer's instructions, taking care not to touch the pad compound. Simply hold the pads between your fingers using the backing plate, or better yet, use gloves.
  2. Be careful not to activate the brake lever without the wheel installed. If this happens, you may need to push your pads and pistons back into the caliper with an appropriate tool.
  3. When you have re-installed your wheels, it's time to perform the bed-in process, and for this, we recommend a traffic-free environment.
  4. Ride your bike at 15km/h or 10mph and activate your brakes 20 times, but never lock up your wheels. Apply the brake to reduce speed to 5km/h, release the brake, and repeat that action.
  5. Then, increase your speed to 25km/h or 15mph and apply the brakes 10 times, this time harder. Again it's important not to lock up your brakes. Reduce your speed each time you brake to 5km/h like before.
  6. Then ride 30km/h or 20mph and brake hard twice down to 5km/h.
  7. Your pads will now be bedded in. This process is important to follow. If you don't bed the pads correctly, you will not have full braking performance when you ride.


Sinter is a Slovenian brake lining manufacturer with over 50 years of history. It employs 25 experts in its production plant and development centre. Everything takes place in Slovenia, from raw materials through development and testing to production and packaging. Almost 90% of production goes directly to manufacturers and large customers such as Aprilia and KTM. That means more than 5 million units a year! For some segments, Sinter is the only manufacturer based outside Asia!

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