GT Grade Carbon PRO LE - Bike of the Year 2024
GT Grade Carbon PRO LE - Bike of the Year 2024

GT Grade Carbon PRO LE - Bike of the Year 2024


The latest generation of the Grade model builds on the success of the previous generation of this popular gravel bike from GT Bicycles, with the Grade Carbon winning this award in 2020. Incidentally, the original Grade was one of the first gravel bikes to hit the market a decade ago.

The latest Grade Carbon PRO LE generation was the winner of the Gravel Bike category in Bikeradar and Cycling PLUS' Bike of the Year Award 2024. It offers great value for money.

Gravel Travel

Thanks to the flexing of the rear structure, the new frame provides 30 mm of travel, and the clearance of tyres up to 50 mm wide has also been increased. Of course, the internal routing of hoses and bovdens through the frame is also a feature. In addition, frame protection against flying stones and gravel has also been added for when the smooth tarmac finally ends, and proper gravel gets under the wheels.

Now we know why it's the best gravel

It's easy to see why the GT Grade is among the best bikes on the gravel scene. As one of the lightest frames on the market, the Grade achieves its lift thanks to our legendary Triple Triangle frame design and unique non-saddle-tube connected rear struts with proven Dual Fiber Dynamics technology.

This link provides more information about the Grade Carbon PRO LE. You can also view GT Bicycles' entire category of gravel bikes here.

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