Cannondale Launches the All-New Moterra SL: The Lightest Full-Power Mountain Bike Ever* 
Cannondale Launches the All-New Moterra SL: The Lightest Full-Power Mountain Bike Ever* 

Cannondale Launches the All-New Moterra SL: The Lightest Full-Power Mountain Bike Ever* 


Cannondale introduces the lightest, full-power, electric mountain bike ever made – the brand-new Moterra SL. Packing up to 85Nm of torque, 600+ watts of peak output, and 601Wh of battery power yet weighing as little as 19.5 kg, this eMTB defines its class. Delivering agility and playfulness with power and range, the Moterra bike turns every trail into a non-stop, high-speed flow session.

Fun and agile trail e-bike

Moterra SL’s high power/low weight combination demands a melding of engineering feats. Creating a lightweight, 150mm-travel frame is only possible thanks to pioneering carbon expertise and FlexPivot technology adapted from the World Cup-winning Scalpel XC race bike. Burly FlexPivot chainstay sections replace the traditional Horst pivot, maintaining a true four-bar system while eliminating weight and maintenance of chainstay pivot bearings. The system allows engineers to dial the perfect suspension response for every input. The result is incredible traction, responsive braking, and a playful feel that gives you the confidence to push harder.

It doesn’t stop there. Cannondale’s ‘Proportional Response’ design approach means everything from suspension kinematics to geometry — including chain stay length — is completely customized for each frame size so that all riders get the same exceptional suspension performance and handling experience.

Maximum power with minimum weight

Moterra SL’s power comes from a custom-tuned version of Shimano’s EP801 drive unit – the lightest motor capable of the big power riders are looking for. With 85Nm of torque and 600+ watts of max output, it brings a big-time boost to the lightweight party. Custom-tuned ride modes have been developed with Shimano to make the most of the EP801’s capabilities. There’s “ECO” (minimal assist, maximum range for all-day exploits), two “TRAIL” modes (the first TRAIL mode provides mid-power, great for riding with friends on lightweight e-bikes, the second TRAIL mode ramps up the assist for ripping with full-power e-bikes), and of course, “BOOST” (full power, all the time). The unique internal battery uses a custom cell configuration that stores more power per kilo than ever, creating an incredibly compact battery that packs a full 601 watt-hours into just 3.1 kg, including the wiring.

Modern geometry

Digging into the geometry details reveals Moterra SL as unique and progressive as the other headline features. It’s got a 62.5-degree head angle that’s as slack as a DH bike, with headset cups that offer 1.2 degrees of adjustment, plus the long reach and steep seat angle of a modern trail bike, and front-centre and rear-centre lengths that are customized by size. It might seem bizarre on paper, but in practice, you realize how much it all makes sense given the bike's speed and how responsive it remains on every part of every trail. It is genuinely ‘progressive geometry’ in action.

Flip Chip

The Moterra SL also comes correctly with a “mullet” wheel set-up, i.e. 29-inch-front and 27.5-inch-rear wheels, to strike that balance of straight-line speed and cornering agility.  For those who lean more to the former, a Flip Chip in the seat stays ensures the Moterra SL can be legitimately converted to a full 29’er without sacrificing the overall character and balance of the bike.

The all-new Moterra SL is available in sizes small through extra-large and various build configurations, including a limited run from LAB71.

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*Bold claim, we know. That’s why legal made us add the asterisk. By “full-power”, we mean an eMTB with a drive unit capable of at least 85Nm of torque and a battery capacity of at least 600Wh. So now you know.

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