What tyres to choose for a gravel bike
What tyres to choose for a gravel bike

What tyres to choose for a gravel bike


With the increasing popularity of gravel riding, the demands of gravelists on the footwear of their single-track pets are naturally increasing. Gone are the days when gravel tyres meant 35mm wide and nothing more. Today, riders can choose not only the width of the tyres, up to 50 mm for some manufacturers but also the tyre compound, different types of puncture protection or the colour of the sidewalls. In this article, we'll go through the current Michelin range and detail the types of tyres for gravel riding. Most of the gravel tyres featured in this article come in wire and Kevlar in several other compounds and widths.

Michelin speaks up

The French tyre giant supplies tyres for almost everything with wheels - from Formula 1 to the (once upon a time) supersonic Concorde to gravel bikes. Gravel tyres are what we're most interested in in this article. Michelin has two types of tyres in its range - the Power Gravel and the Power Adventure.

Michelin Power Gravel

The Power Gravel is a gravel bike tyre perfect for more challenging terrain. Thanks to "Bead to Bead" technology, this tyre offers increased puncture protection. The tyre compound, which Michelin calls Magi-X, provides a long life even in the most demanding conditions. But do not worry; the Power Gravel rolls tremendously and always delivers maximum cornering confidence and excellent grip.

These gravel tyres are available in 33-47mm widths and several tyre sidewall colours.

Michelin Power Adventure

The Power Adventure gravel tyre is ideal for those who like to explore new places on paved but less-than-perfect roads. With a slick pattern in the middle of the tread, the Power Adventure rolls excellently but also performs great in corners thanks to the distinctive sidewall pattern.

The Power Adventure has high puncture resistance thanks to Bead to Bead technology and 3x100 TPI fibre density. This makes the tire lightweight, has excellent rolling performance and is very durable at the same time. The Power Adventure is available in 30, 36, 42 and 48 mm widths in two compounds.

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