Winter bicycle shoes from Fizik
Winter bicycle shoes from Fizik

Winter bicycle shoes from Fizik


Cycling, even amateur cycling, is no longer just a summer sport. The current state of our climate makes it possible to practice this sport almost without limitations all year round. However, the winter season requires special equipment to ensure comfort, safety and sufficient performance in more demanding conditions. One of the critical pieces of equipment is a suitable pair of winter bicycle shoes. You can solve this with shoe covers, winter insoles or warm socks from grandma. Whoever got tired of these makeshift solutions and bought winter shoes has only one regret: he didn't do it much earlier.

Fizik: Innovation, design, performance

Fizik is a renowned brand in the field of cycling shoes and saddles. It holds many technological innovations and patents in developing winter cycling shoes, which have been part of the brand's range for several years.   

Fizik's winter cycling shoes combine sleek, minimalist design with technological innovations that ensure the optimal function of the bike shoes in cold temperatures. One of the critical features of winter shoes is the fleece lining, which retains heat and protects the feet from the cold. Most Fizik winter cycling shoes use an advanced GORE-TEX membrane that prevents water from penetrating. It also allows moisture to be wicked away from the boot, helping to keep feet dry.    

Another key feature is the unique outsoles that provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces. Special ergonomic inner padding and a sophisticated fastening system, most often solved with a BOA wheel, means a perfect fit for every rider.   

Fizik winter cycling shoes are an excellent choice for cyclists who want to ride even in winter. Perfectly fitting shoes with a simple design, using well-known technology for adverse conditions.

Winter bike shoes FIZIK TERRA ARTICA X5 GTX

MTB and gravel winter shoe models are famous for their versatility and performance. The fully insulated, waterproof, breathable shoe is prepared for riding in cold and adverse conditions. It is ideal for someone who rotates between multiple bikes but only wants one pair of winter shoes. The brushed fleece lining ensures excellent thermal comfort, while the GORE-TEX membrane ensures the entire shoe is waterproof and breathable.

The Velcro upper fastening wraps around the ankle and ensures a snug feel. The bottom of the boot tightens with a single L6 BOA® wheel, allowing for a snug fit and easy on-the-go adjustments.


Versatile MTB shoes that stand out for their comfort and unobtrusiveness. Waterproof and breathable upper thanks to GORE-TEX membrane. Perfect fit thanks to ergonomically shaped lacing.

The X2 outsole balances efficient pedalling performance and comfort when you get off the bike. The compression-moulded EVA midsole provides stability and cushioning, while the Vibram anti-slip outsole offers grip and traction regardless of the conditions underfoot.

Available in both SPD case-mounted and flat sole versions.


Insulated, waterproof MTB shoes with a simple BOA® Fit system, fleece lining to prevent cold and a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane for maximum winter performance.

The Nanuq GTX shoe is designed for winter riding in all weather and all terrain. The versatility of these MTB boots is highlighted by the X2 outsole, which is stiff enough for efficient power transfer to the pedals but still provides plenty of comfort when you need to cover a section on foot. The Vibram XS Trek EVO deck has excellent pedal grip but enough depth to bite reliably into softer ground.

Available in both SPD case-mounted and flat sole versions.

Resistant MTB shoes TERRA CLIMA X2

MTB shoes for bad weather with a breathable and waterproof upper. An integrated sock enhances protection from dust and dirt. The PU-laminate toe cap and layered, durable ripstop fabric prevent tearing, and side reinforcements add extra protection and durability. As with the other models, the X2 outsole gives the shoe plenty of rigidity and excellent grip and traction for all-round use.

Winter road shoes TEMPO ARTICA GTX

Insulated road shoes with fleece lining and advanced GORE-TEX membrane keep you dry even on longer winter rides. Velcro in the ankle area adds stability, while the BOA® wheel ensures the shoe's tightening and perfect foot placement.

The sneakers offer sufficient rigidity thanks to the nylon sole. The trunks' fit is further back to optimise pedalling efficiency and reduce knee pressure.

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