Aspire Sports becomes the new distributor of the fi’zi:k brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Aspire Sports becomes the new distributor of the fi’zi:k brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Aspire Sports becomes the new distributor of the fi’zi:k brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia


With the beginning of 2024 comes one big news. Starting 1st January 2024 Aspire Sports becomes the official distributor of the Fizik brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It will cover all markets in which it operates with other brands.  

1st January 2024 becomes another very important date for Aspire Sports. Right from the beginning of 2024, it adds legendary Italian brand Fizik between current brands which are distributed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Aspire Sports now distributes Fizik to all regions which covers – the Baltics, the Balkan and the Middle Europe. Newly distributes high-quality saddles, top-notch cycling shoes and bar tapes to 9 countries from one warehouse located in a small village Jinačovice close to Brno, Czech Republic.

Fizik is one of the market leaders in the field of cycling saddles, cycling shoes and bar tapes. Fizik products use the world’s best road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. There is also one interesting new product from Fizik – 3D printed saddles called Adaptive. And the brand prepares more news for the future.

About fi’zi:k

Founded in 1996, fizik’s mission is to make the most sophisticated, inspiring and beautiful gear for the world’s most discerning cyclists.

The passion for design and performance behind fizik’s diverse product range for road, off-road and triathlon is expressed through the countless victories in the pro peloton, being the choice of the most inspiring athletes and winning many design awards.

Fizik is committed to providing the ultimate in the saddle, shoe, bar-tape and component design – combining comfort and lightweight with technology and innovation. Through physiological research, anatomic studies and advanced technological development, fizik has succeeded in creating that perfect combination.

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