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We’ve been in this business since 1972. We’ve seen fads come and go, but one thing has remained the same after all these years... The reason we are still here. It’s the same reason we threw our legs over our very first bike – pure fun, plain and simple.
GT Bicycles

How to find right bike size for you

GT Bicycles come in several size ranges. The bike's size is the bike frame's height (seat tube length).

For mountain bikes, the designation is in the T-shirt size range (S, M, L, XL), and for road bikes, it is in the centimetre range (52, 54, 56 ...). For the T-shirt size, you could say that the size of the T-shirt you wear should be the bike you should get. However, the practice is mainly dependent on the length of your legs to your crotch.

General recommendations:

Body height in cm Frame size
up to 158 cm XS
159 - 168 cm
168 - 178 cm
179 - 189 cm
above 189 cm XL


Knowing the length of your legs from the ground to the crotch, you can better determine your correct size by looking at the model's geometry. You will be interested in the "Stand Over height" value, which determines the height of the frame from the ground. This should be approximately 5 cm less than your measured value.

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