Troy Lee Designs Clothing line 2024
Troy Lee Designs Clothing line 2024

Troy Lee Designs Clothing line 2024


We have prepared a complete overview of the 2024 clothing line from the American brand Troy Lee Designs. Why? Troy Lee Designs offers a wide range of clothing for different riding styles. TLD has you covered if you are a racer or want to have fun on your bike. And we decided to make your decision easier. 

Troy Lee Desings Ruckus

The Ruckus range offers enhanced comfort, a tailored neckline and polyester-weave materials that are both lightweight and highly durable. The ¾ sleeve jerseys also provide ample ventilation, thanks to perforated back panels and mesh side panels.

In the Ruckus collection, you will find jerseys, trousers, shorts or insulated vests in several colour options.

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Ultra

SPRINT Ultra clothing is the absolute top of the TLD range. With this clothing line, you have access to the best fits and materials that have brought the best to the podium at events like the World Cup Downhill, Olympic BMX, Redbull Rampage and Redbull Hardline.

SPRINT Ultra offers pants and jerseys for maximum performance!

Troy Lee Designs Sprint

The relaunch of the Sprint collection for 2023 means a complete redesign of the jerseys, with new materials and modified fits in crucial areas. This blurs the distinction between the Sprint range and its successor, the Sprint Ultra.

This collection features pants, shorts and jerseys in several colourways.

Troy Lee Designs Drift

The technical clothing collection is called Drift. It's an essential collection of clothing that features lightweight and very breathable fabric that keeps you warm in Drift jerseys and shorts. Plus, they'll dry quickly!

This collection also includes lined undershorts!

Troy Lee Designs Skyline

The best-selling clothing line is called Skyline. We call it "put it on and go." It's praised for its great value for money. The Skyline collection is becoming the new standard in technical biking apparel. And trust us, you'll be sitting up late nights trying to find the right design - there are countless combinations.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Air

Skyline Air is based on the classic Skyline collection. As the name suggests, the Skyline Air collection is more airy and ventilated, making it perfect for hot summer days. And like its sister, Skyline Air is one of Troy Lee Designs' best-selling clothing lines.

Troy Lee Designs Flowline and Flowline Superlyte

Sure, racing is in our brand DNA. But sometimes, we need to get out on the bike in something that doesn't have a racing cut, and we don't want to chase seconds. But it's still about looking good. And that's how the Flowline line came about. This setup will make you look great on the trail for once!

And when you choose your jersey, be sure to pair it with the Flowline Superlyte shorts. These are some of our most versatile shorts ever. The elastic waistband and the lightweight and quick-drying material are just some benefits of these popular shorts. The extra extended length covers your knees to their mid-point during your ride, but they still look great when sitting on the patio of your favourite place after your ride.

Troy Lee Designs Mischief

The Mischief Collection is our best-equipped, most versatile and robust collection designed for and by women. With its purposeful fit, the Mischief collection distinguishes between performance-oriented and femininity-centric clothing. And it doesn't matter if you're on a long ride or giving ride after ride at the bike park. This collection is exactly what you want to wear during your biggest challenges.

Troy Lee Designs Lilium

For bikers looking for clothes that make them feel great all day long in the saddle, the Lilium collection was created. The entire collection has been designed with the utmost focus on great fit, quality craftsmanship and novel designs that will keep you entertained every time you put them on.

The Lilium line includes short and long jerseys, shorts, pants and gloves. In addition to the classic designs, you'll find a signature series by the great biker and artist Micayla Gatto.

Troy Lee Designs Luxe

Luxe is a clothing line for serious (and sometimes non-serious) riding. When we put it together, we had every type of riding in mind, because we want you to feel comfortable every time. The Contour fit ensures a great balance of functionality while flattering your curves.

Luxe hides stylish tank tops, shorts and long pants underneath. Some of the designs were designed by biker and artist Micayla Gatto.

We haven't forgotten the young riders either

Of course, TLD also considers riders who have not yet grown to adult size. For them, we have jerseys, pants and shorts from the Sprint, Skyline and Flowline lines.

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