Fizik VENTO PROXY - New MTB and gravel shoes
Fizik VENTO PROXY - New MTB and gravel shoes

Fizik VENTO PROXY - New MTB and gravel shoes


These are brand new shoes for those who want maximum effort and a great price. Check the article to see their key features and where they work best!

Proxy is an off-road racing cycling shoe developed for competitive riders seeking race-ready features and efficient power transfer on unpaved roads.

Key Features


  • High stiffness for efficient power transfer in comfort


  • Light and breathable in a tear-proof construction


  • Performance fit, tunable with a bi-directional single BOA® dial


  • PU Laminated mesh upper
  • Li2 BOA® Dial A Fit System
  • X3 fibre composite outsole - with rubber thread, stiffness index 8
  • Weight: 326 g*
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)

*the weight value, referred to ½ pair and without footbed, is to be considered within the tolerance range of +/-3% on a metric system scale. The footbed weight is approx. 20g 


Performance racing series designed in collaboration with professional cyclists.


Designed and engineered to perform off-road, from singletrack to gravel roads and everything in between.

Low weight, high performance

Proxy is an off-road shoe with pure racing DNA that recalls our top-tier products. This shoe is the solution when performance is required on demanding XC tracks or in fast gravel races. Proxy is well-ventilated thanks to an innovative translucent PU laminated mesh that makes the shoe both lightweight and comfortable. The upper is durable thanks to its tearproof construction, protecting you from the pitfalls of rowdy riding on rough terrain.

Fine-tuned fit

The closure pattern is minimal and supportive, using BOA® textile lace guides that balance tension and further eliminate pressure hot spots. Featuring a single incremental Li2 BOA® Fit System platform, cyclists can fine tune their fit, ensuring maximum performance without compromising on comfort.

Power transfer in comfort

The newly redesigned X3 fiber composite outsole offers more stiffness for efficient power transfer. The generous rubber tread delivers a better grip on the pedals and improved traction for dismounted segments during CX races.

The speed that blurs lines

CX, XC, and gravel racing all share a need for speed—and Proxy is made to move. Proxy's performance delivers across off-road disciplines, whether the explosive responsiveness required to be first off the line in cyclocross competition, the nimble feeling needed to quickly navigate technical cross-country trails, or supportive comfort for fast gravel racing.

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